"THE Adventure is in the Unknowns", said frequently by Donny Hazard, Pro Rafting Tours Founder and true adventure-lover. To nurture his passion for our diverse world and its rivers, Donny periodically plans private international trips with missions to not only run thrilling, unique rivers, but to explore new lands, countries and cultures, taking in the richness of life and learning from others throughout the world whom we call "Brothers" and "Sisters."


Our Exploratory Custom River Trips come with our main river "mission." That "mission" is to travel to and find rarely-explored, remote, unknown or not-well-known territories and whitewater raft and whitewater kayak the rivers in those regions. For some rivers, we may be one of the first parties to document a true run on a particular stretch of river. Second to our whitewater "mission" and equally important is that while traveling to remote, unknown regions, we greatly learn from our treks through the ruggedness, diversity and extremities of remote landscapes with their rarity and beauty. Our travel is highlighted by the kindness of amazing people we see and meet along the way.


Our Exploratory Trips are 100% customized, tailored to the travel group and have specific whitewater rafting and kayaking goals. They are hard trips that will challenge you physically and psychologically, yet bring great benefits to your spirit. The group size is small (under 10 people) and everyone must work as a team to make the "mission" an accomplished reality and success.


If you are interested in a first-time, "never have been here, never have done this", significant, life-expanding river experience, one that you may never have the opportunity to pursue again, complete our form. You will then receive further information about our application.

A river flowing from the mountains seen on a custom whitewater rafting trip in Peru.
••• During exploratory custom river trips, we frequently go backpacking to explore remote, back country regions like this river in Peru. •••
A man wearing wild flowers in hs beard during a whitewater river rafting trip in Mexico.
••• Here's Jeff, one of our favorite people wearing tropical flowers in his beard during a whitewater rafting trip in Mexico. •••
Two men kayaking in Copper Canyon during a whitewater river rafting trip in Mexico.
••• Here we are kayaking through Copper Canyon in Mexico. Copper Canyon is a rugged, harsh and beautiful place. This was a trip of a lifetime. •••

"I thought my trip with Donny Hazard would be exciting and a fun adventure. It was more than I could have hoped for. The trip was absolutely amazing. For me, a dream come true. We traveled through remote canyons in Mexico on a very exciting, if not a bit, dangerous river. The scenery was incredible. I could have never done this by myself. I am grateful to have been able to do so with people who are experienced in running rivers to get us safely through our trip. I would love to go on a similar trip again."

~ Shawn Reed, Utah

If you would like a reference about us from Shawn, send us your contact information and we will connect you.