More than All-Inclusive

Enjoy a vacation with Pro Rafting Tours and notice for yourself why we offer getaways with the most inclusions. More than any other vacation host on the Salmon River.

Along with the river offering its thrilling rapids and the allure of its stunning deep canyon, we offer savory dining experiences, hearty breakfasts, satisfying lunches, incredible home made snacks and endless beverages that are available all-day and all-night.

You'll have plenty of time for excitement, fun, relaxation, classes to learn new topics and skills, growing closer with your loved ones, and for anything you desire.




Beyond the whitewater, play gear and services are available on select retreats and vacation packages. Our play gear and services include: Snorkeling Gear for swimming in side pools and eddys, professional raft and kayak paddling instruction, beach and in-water volleyball, lawn darts, bocce ball and water toys, morning yoga, meditation and journal writing classes, music entertainment, storytelling and Cowboy poetry, photography, painting and sketching art classes and guided hikes.


Three-course breakfasts and dinners are offered each full day on the river. Our gourmet meals are complete with a large variety of just-picked organic, locally-grown produce to make them fresh, colorful, anticipated and tasty.  Home made "Anytime Snacks" are served while we float on flat water sections of the river and anytime while at camp.


During parts of the popular vacation booking season (early-June through early-July), the Main Salmon River offers fast-running medium-to-high Class III water. There is moderate flip / swim potential with cool water. There are moderate (optional) hiking and trailrunning excursions with faint trails. Hiking and running trails are easy-to-difficult in grade and distance.


Main Salmon River vacations and retreats are from 4-7 days, depending on the vacation package.  We often enjoy "layover days" where we spend two nights at one camp so that we may enjoy instructional classes led by experts in their fields, side excursions with intriguing sight-seeing and simply stay two nights to rest and enjoy the pristine beauty that surrounds us.


We offer up-scale camping accommodations on Main Salmon River vacations. (Lodge-based accommodations are included with select retreats.) Our river camp accommodations include top-quality tents, sleeping bags, fresh linens, pillows and plush sleeping pads. Our recreation area is filled with comfortable chairs. We bring the "little extras" to make it special. Our restroom facilities are clean, sanitary, private and easy to use.


Pro Rafting Tours river vacations begin at the Corn Creek boat launch (a two-hour drive from Salmon, Idaho) and end at the Carey Creek take-out (one-hour drive from Riggins, Idaho.) We offer shuttle service for guests from Salmon to Corn Creek and from Carey Creek to McCall, Idaho or the airports (added rates apply.) We can recommend car-shuttling service to transport your vehicle from Corn Creek to Carey Creek through our car shuttle partner.

A raft in great condition at sunset at camp during a Main Salmon River whitewater rafting vacation in Idaho.
••• The Main Salmon River canyon packs incredible sunsets. Sit back in the evenings and relax while watching the beauty of the river. •••
A waterfall seen in the Frank Church River of No Return Wilderness during a Main Salmon River whitewater rafting vacation in Idaho.
••• The are numerous clear streams running by our camps on the Main Salmon River. Their trickling sounds at night are music to the ears. •••
Apples picked at Jim Moore Place along the Main Salmon River in Idaho.
••• Pick fresh fruit from the orchards at historical dwellings along the Main Salmon River. Enjoy all that the Frank Church River of No Return Wilderness has to offer. •••