What Makes Our Meals Different? • You Will See the Difference


When you're dining with us, you will notice right away that we offer the freshest ingredients. We incorporate wholesome, organic, natural locally-grown food into delicious, creatively-crafted dishes. You will be amazed at our mastery of fresh, high-quality wilderness, camp and picnic cuisine. We use seasonal food, premium meats, produce and dairy. That makes a difference in taste, allure and satisfaction. Join us for a meal and see how tempting the colorful and carefully-presented main courses, BBQs, picnics and home made desserts are.


Our menus offer up to 10 different cuisines from all over the world. You enjoy a variety of meals, from creative treats to satisfying comfort food. Our entrees are perfectly paired with appetizers and desserts to blend tastes and textures that leave you delighted and satisfied. Our menus are made to please those with food restrictions and special diets. We make sure the most finicky eaters (kids) get some great grub. Our multi-day menus are diverse and well-thought, assuring to please and nourish you while you enjoy the river.

Hearty & Healthy

You will be pleased with our generous portions and extra-special touches. On River Vacations and Special Retreats, you enjoy Three-Course Breakfasts and Dinners that will re-energize you for running the river. Lunches are our "Special On-the-Go Feasts." With our Pre-Packed Meals, you will be delighted by our nourishing, easy-to-make-and-serve menus and our art of packing your meals so they stay fresh. Guided Day Trip BBQs and Picnics are huge party-pleasers with fun menus, healthy ingredients and satisfying treats.

Two women smiling while standing near a serving table at dinner during a Main Salmon River whitewater rafting vacation in Idaho.
••• Sunset catered meals with great people are amazing after a day of thrilling whitewater on the Main Salmon River •••
A girl in a bikini putting butter on a knife during a catered dinner on a Main Salmon River whitewater rafting vacation in Idaho.
••• Guests enjoy the variety and quality of our gourmet menus. It's a treat to eat 4-course meals •••
Two girls serving dinner during a Main Salmon River whitewater rafting vacation in Idaho.
••• Our meals are elegant and casual. Come as you are. Sit back and relax •••


"With Pro Rafting Tours, you are very taken care of when it comes to meals, sleeping arrangements and safety while on the river. I’m pretty adventurous so none of those things really made me nervous going into it. On our trip, nature and everything was beautiful everyday."

~ Heidi Poppleton, California

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