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Float on the Provo River

We don’t offer tubing with round tubes where you sit in the water & paddle with your hands.

Have a blast floating down the Provo River on our custom-made, heavy-duty whitewater rafts & inflatable kayaks.

River tubing is strenuous & requires good swimming skills & good physical shape.

Boating with a paddle is more fun, takes less effort & is less chaotic than tubing.

Float single or double in our 9-foot rafts, single & double inflatable whitewater kayaks.

Shuttles leave mornings & afternoons June through September.

The typical float time is 90 – 120 minutes depending on river flow rates.

High School kids & college age young adults enjoy tubing more than any other age groups.

Our rates match tubing rates.

Tubing takes high-energy & the need to be alert so you don’t get hurt.

If you want to have a blast, but want to feel confident & in control while you float on the swift Provo River current, rent a raft or kayak.

We don’t want to offer an activity like tubing where many times, people don’t have fun…

A group of people river tubing on the Kern River in California.

What we do offer is… actual boat with an actual paddle for the same price as tubing.

That’s right! We offer highly responsive & maneuverable top-of-the-line whitewater inflatable rafts, kayaks with paddles so that you will discover what a fun Provo River float trip is like.

As whitewater experts, we think:

You should be in control when on the water

For your safety, you should avoid sharp objects along the river

You should feel safe & confident so you can have fun

To avoid discomfort, you should float above the water in a boat & not sit in the water

You should float in high-quality gear that costs 10X more than a river tube

You shouldn’t have to pay more for your comfort & safety on the Provo River

You pay the same for our raft rentals & kayak rentals with a shuttle as you do for river tubing elsewhere

Tubing can be fun! Tubing on the Provo River is not always fun.

The Provo River is a swift-flowing narrow river lined by rocks.

It’s Native Ute name is Timpanoquint, meaning Rock River.

Because of its qualities, tubing on the Provo River is not always a mild, easy-going float trip.

We recommend floating the Provo in a boat.

Float by sitting on an inflatable floor instead of the 45-55 degree F water.

Use a paddle to steer so you don’t end up stuck in the bushes & get scratched.

We care about your experience & care about you.

We have witnessed many tubers with bloody scratched & bruised legs & arms.

So we just don’t want to offer tubing on the Provo River because it looks like it can hurt. 

If you want a great river float