Girl and guy hula hooping at Buckskin Bill's during a Main Salmon River Whitewater rafting vacation in Idaho.
••• Hula hoop fun a Buckskin Bill's while on the Main Salmon River •••
Three girls picking apples during a Main Salmon River Whitewater rafting vacation in Idaho.
••• Pick fruit from the orchards at Jim Moore Place during a retreat on the Main Salmon River •••
Three girls playing in a creek during a Main Salmon River Whitewater rafting vacation in Idaho.
••• Act like a kid again playing in the numerous creeks along the Main Salmon River •••


"I felt refreshed at the end of our Main Salmon River vacation and would have loved to extend it. It's always nice to disconnect in such amazing surroundings. I loved how we bonded on the river trip. It's great to meet people from all walks of life in such an intimate setting where we all have a great time together."

~ Rosie Sintop, California

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A 2018 scientific study from The American Psychological Association concludes that vacations reduce stress by as much as 65% & the positive effects last for up to six (6) weeks afterwards. The study found that vacationers had fewer stress-related physical and mental complaints such as headaches, backaches, hypertension, anxiety, anger, digestive irregularities, brain-fog, confusion, depression and feelings of hopelessness. Get out on a wilderness vacation asap!


In four (4) studies from 2012 - 2018, it was concluded that people who skip vacations are 31.5% more likely to suffer from heart attacks than people who take at least one (1) week off from work each year. Women who took only one (1) vacation in the six (6) years were eight (8) times more likely to develop heart disease, have a heart attack or die of coronary-related failures than women who took two (2) weeks off from work per year.


A top-ranked consulting firm concluded in a 2016-2018 study that for each 10 hours of vacation time their employees took, those employees' annual performance ratings improved by 11%. What's more is that frequent vacationers in the firm are the top talent, top performing professionals. These top performers demonstrate that they like their jobs more and they are less likely to quit their jobs. When you're happy, you excel at what you do!


When we have too much on our minds, we cannot sleep deeply or for as long as our brains and bodies need for mental processing and tissue repair. A research study conducted in 2017 concludes that vacations and the different daily/nightly routines done on vacations, interrupt the habits people make when at home that disrupt sleep. Examples of activities we do at home that disrupt our sleep are working late into the night and looking at lighted screens (laptops, phones) before bed. If you can't sleep because of certain habits you do at home, it's time to disconnect on the river and re-set your sleep pattern to a healthy one.


Novel and exciting activities increase passion. In research from "Psychology Today", studies show that we are more satisfied in relationships when the relationships enable us to expand ourselves, increase our skills and broaden our perspectives. We are more satisfied with relationships when we engage in self-expanding activities with our loved-ones. Field studies show that when couples and families share exciting and new activities together, they share increased feelings of closeness and intimacy. A river retreat provides many opportunities to experience this closeness with those you love.


Research reported by Forbes, 2018 says that vacations not only reduce stress, but since stress is lower, vacations allow us to learn more and be creative. Vacations allow room for us to re-invent ourselves. Experiential vacations help us re-evaluate and reinvent our self-identity and how we would like our lives to move forward. Vacations boost happiness and satisfaction. Studies conclude that when we are involved in activities we enjoy, we are 67% more mental resilient and more likely to apply and repeat with 53% more accuracy what we learn. Removing stress, anxiety and worry leaves room for pursuits that increase satisfaction and success. Creativity increases by 83% when on vacations. These are great brain benefits. It's time to pack and get going.