Showing her love of art and creativity since she was in grade school, Cherry Cherry Hazard during a whitewater river rafting trip in Utah.brings her artistic vision and talents to create extraordinary experiences for river guests. Thoughtful with every detail, Cherry oversees luxury camping and dining for our Main Salmon River vacations and retreats. Cherry also directs catering for our Provo River and Kern River picnic and multi-day events, including and not limited to picnics and BBQs for: Company annual picnics, employee appreciation river trips, birthday parties, anniversaries and non-profit fundraisers. Tell her about your special requests and she will make your event extra-special. Cherry has bachelor degrees in Business Communications, Public Relations, Advertising and Fine Arts from St. Francis University and masters education in Business Administration and Marketing from Southern Connecticut State University and Cornell University School of Business. She has 20+ years of experience in corporate business management. Her work includes leadership positions in marketing, public relations, internal communications and human resources for Fortune 500 companies to small businesses to new business start-ups. Cherry has a breadth and depth of experiences with a full-span of customer service knowledge and specific industry experience. Cherry has also worked in outdoor health and recreation management as an endurance sports fitness coach since 2007. Cherry has a intuitive ability to seek to understand the requests and needs of our river rafting and event clients. Her down-to-earth, yet professional style allows her to get-to-know clients' expectations and to foster strong relationships that will ensure your river event, vacation or retreat will run exceedingly well and you'll be very satisfied with it. Cherry shares her joys of art and outdoors fitness with other artists and health/wellness experts. You may meet Cherry and some of these experts on your river vacation or retreat where they will share yoga, meditation, fitness, nutrition, wellness, sketching, painting, and nature/landscape photography workshops.

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