at Pro Rafting Tours look like?


We prepare well in advance of our trips and vacations with the right safety equipment and river gear so we can give our customers our full and undivided attention on their trip or vacation!


We greet, inform, educate, instruct, and follow-up with our clients on the unique aspects of our offering, because when we lead, people will follow us to discover what makes our river trips and vacations different from all the rest!


We share and give of our information, knowledge, and time, because when we give more, we get more in return!



At Pro Rafting Tours we believe most people don’t know what it’s actually like to fully unplug 100% and escape on vacation! Taking a vacation that doesn't unplug you 100% makes a person more anxious, less creative, and causes them to lose a sense of self and well-being! When somebody goes off-grid on vacation, they gain a new sense of freedom because they are finally able to escape the routine pressures of their daily life without the slightest possibility of being reached by anyone virtual. A simple river vacation can change someone's life forever and brighten their spirit for years to come! We provide the best river trips and vacations in the west Because all people secretly crave the freedom and awareness that comes with being on vacation without their phone!

Our Team Members Describe Themselves as:


We care about people because the quality of each person's experience with us depends 100% on the quality of care they receive.


We are interesting because interesting people stand out and can tell a story to connect and become memorable in the eyes of everyone who comes in contact with us!

Physically Fit

We are physically fit because days on the river become more fun and exciting when our bodies are healthy and happy!

Become rich in adventure, story, places, and people.

Don’t wait to tell your story. Live it now! Get a job with us!

Frequently Asked Questions

The following is a series of answers to questions that we often get concerning our hiring process. Please read this thoroughly before submitting your application. If you have additional questions, write them down and be sure to ask them during your interview. Our training for new guides starts on the first Saturday in May and you must be available from that point until, at least, the middle of August.

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