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Train, learn & prepare with the Pros. With 40+ years of river experience, Pro Rafting Tours is an authority on whitewater river excursions. On the PRT Team, you receive on-going innovative training that covers technical skills, safety protocols & client relations. On-going training advancements include cutting-edge techniques, equipment updates & environmental education with programs such as: Swift water rescue, wilderness first aid, Leave No Trace practices, GPS / communication systems protocols & more!


River guiding requires adaptability to changing conditions & unexpected challenges. You will learn to assess risks effectively & make informed decisions in real-time, refining your judgment & response skills. Serve as an ambassador for the natural environment, instill a sense of stewardship & awe among guests. You will focus on highlighting the importance of preserving river ecosystems & minimizing human impact. Lead by example, promote responsible river use, foster understanding of environmental issues & inspire guests to acquire long-term appreciation for rivers.


Exceptional guiding goes beyond technical expertise; it's about creating meaningful connections with guests. Your ongoing training emphasizes customer service skills, such as active listening, conflict resolution & storytelling. Tailor your interactions to match the needs & interests of diverse groups, fostering a welcoming & inclusive atmosphere. Use interpretive techniques to enhance the educational value of trips, share information & stories, encouraging guests to deepen their appreciation for the rivers, canyons, human history & natural world.



  1. Adventure & Excitement: Whitewater rafting & float trips are inherently fun. Working as a guide will allow you to immerse yourself in this dynamic environment daily, experiencing the excitement of each trip alongside guests.
  2. Outdoor Lifestyle: You have an opportunity to live & work in some of the most scenic & pristine natural environments. Spend your days surrounded by breathtaking landscapes, from rugged canyons to lush river valleys, fostering a deep appreciation for the outdoors.
  3. Teamwork & Camaraderie: You need strong teamwork & communication skills & work closely with your fellow crew members to navigate rapids safely, assist guests & overcome challenges together. This fosters a sense of camaraderie & mutual support among team members, creating lasting friendships & memorable experiences.
  4. Connection with Guests: As a guide, you have the privilege of sharing your passion for rivers with guests from all walks of life. Building rapport with guests, sharing stories & creating memorable experiences fosters meaningful connections & often leads to lifelong friendships. You have the opportunity to positively impact guests' lives by instilling confidence, promoting outdoor recreation & fostering a deeper appreciation for nature.
  5. Personal & Professional Growth: Working as a guide will challenge you both physically & mentally, promoting personal growth & development. You will learn valuable leadership, decision-making & risk management skills in a fast-paced & dynamic environment. Ongoing training & certification opportunities will enable you to continuously improve your skills & advance your career.
  6. Environmental Stewardship: Pro Rafting Tours prioritizes environmental sustainability & conservation efforts, so, as a PRT guide, you play a vital role in educating guests about the importance of preserving river ecosystems, practicing Leave No Trace principles & minimizing their impact on the environment.

Work with us & receive a fulfilling & rewarding experience characterized by adventure, teamwork, connection with nature & personal growth. It's a profession that may allow you to combine your love for the outdoors with opportunities to inspire & educate others, creating unforgettable experiences on the river.

Our Guides Describe Themselves as:

PRT Guides are empathetic & we try to understand others. We nurture relationships with our guests & with each other. PRT guides are kind, supportive & encouraging. Our support creates safe & helpful atmospheres where guests feel valued & empowered to pursue their river trip & recreational goals & aspirations. The fact that PRT guides are caring creates transformative experiences that enrich our lives & our clients' experiences.


PRT Guides enjoy meeting people & leaving lasting positive impressions. We like to spark engaging conversations on a wide range of topics. PRT Guides are well-informed, curious & eager to share. We are passionate about what we do & love to tell stories. Our self-assurance,  willingness to learn every day & our authenticity are magnetic, drawing others in & inspiring admiration & respect.

Physically Fit

PRT Guides inspire a vibe of well-being, energy & capability to take on the aspects of "guide life." Characteristics we PRT Guides show are: Energy & vitality, strength & endurance, flexibility & mobility, mental clarity & focus, resilience & stress management & overall well-being. PRT Guides are people from all walks of life & the thing we all have in common is that we are vibrant, physically capable to do what's required of river guides & we live life to the fullest every day.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The following are FAQs about hiring & jobs with PRT. Please read this thoroughly before submitting your application. If you have additional questions, be sure to ask them during your interview. Our training for new guides starts in May each year. You must be available for work from your hire date to at least August 15th of each summer.

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