After a River Trip, You Will See the Difference - In You!

Guided whitewater river rafting on the Main Salmon River in Idaho.
••• Relaxing on an oar boat in between thrilling rapids on a Main Salmon River whitewater rafting vacation in Idaho •••
Youth group and Boy Scouts river rafting on the Provo River near Park City Utah.
••• A Youth Group & Boy Scouts paddling on the Provo River in Utah •••
Adults whitewater rafting through Big Daddy rapid on the Kern River near Kernville California.
••• Having a blast on Big Daddy rapid on the Kern River, near Kernville California •••


"I met my wife on the Salmon River, 'The River of No Return.'  There were no phones calls, no texting, no internet and no worries. We were able to really get to the know each other being away from it all in such a beautiful place."

~ Brian Poppleton, California

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Our guides get all of the compliments because they are simply the best! PRT Guides are fully-certified in river navigation, paddling, safety, CPR & First Aid. Always ready to help & highly interested in making sure you have a great time, PRT Guides are fun-loving, professional, willing to hear & tell a great story.


For Day Trips, we drive Provo River & Kern River guests from your cars to the river put-ins & pick you up at the river take-outs to drive you back to your cars. We can accommodate large groups and private groups. Our shuttles are clean, on-time and spacious. Our drivers practice safe driving.


Our photographers will capture photos of you and your group when you don't even know it! We will get photos from angles you will not be able to take yourself while you are rafting or kayaking. Your photos ready for you after your trip & saved so you can purchase them from a year after your trip. You will be stoked to share your photos!