Provo River Raft Rentals - Self-Guided River Rafting on the Provo River

What You Get

Choice of 10-foot or 14-foot inflatable raft for 6-8 people.

Standard 3-hour raft rental, hourly rental or 24-hour rental.

Raft paddling skills overview & safety lesson.

Personal flotation device, helmet (optional), paddles, safety throw ropes, tie-down straps & Provo River map.

Optional raft drop-off & pick-up at the Provo River.

Pricing & Pay

Purchase Online 24/7.

Reserve & secure your group's raft by paying for your spot, then tell your friends to pay for their spots later.

3-hour rental bookings are for individual guest spots. Rafts can be rented between two or more guests.

Tiered pricing for 3-hour rentals available with discounts for groups of 15 or more.

We can beat any outfitter's Provo River Rafting Rental prices -- Just ask us!

Quick Facts

The "Deer Creek" run is 5.5 river miles. Standard rental time 3-hours.

The Provo River features Class I through Class III whitewater. The "Deer Creek" run is Class I with fun riffles. The "Bridal Veil Falls" section is Class II & Class III.

Rafts fit 2-8 people.

Age Minimum: 8 years old & up. Children must have continuous adult supervision. We supply children personal flotation devices.

Important Considerations When Choosing a Self-Guided Provo River Raft Rental

What to Expect

Personal flotation device & helmet fitting & orientation on how to properly wear them.

Raft paddling skills instruction for individual paddling & paddling as a team.

Comprehensive safety lesson including self-rescue, rescuing others, & important actions to de-risk your trip.

River navigation orientation including Provo River obstacles, hazards, attractions & points-of-interest.

Mega-thrills, excitement & fun!



Three FAQs & Answers

Q: My friends booked this rental. How do I join their party? A: When booking your spot, fill in the name of your group organizer on your Waiver. We will then know you are a part of that organizer's group.

Q: What if members of my group drop out before the 3-hour trip? A: For the standard 3-hour rental, each guest pays for his/her own spot. As long as two members of your group arrive, you can go on the river. You are not required to pay for people who dropped out.

Q: Can we stop along the Provo River? A: Yes, you may stop along the Provo River. Adhere to signs & rules posted by public & private landowners.

Answers to more FAQs are sent in your Trip Confirmation email when your trip is booked.

Is Renting Right for You?

If you & your group have rafting experience (reading water & giving commands at the same time.)

If you want to enjoy an activity that requires solid teamwork between you & your group.

If you enjoy being outside to float on the Provo River your way, on your terms & on your schedule.

If you have a group that loves rafting & the challenge of paddling on the twisting Provo River, but you do not own a raft.

If you are a group that wants to run different sections of the Provo River or raft the Lower Provo River, then renting may be right for you.

Provo River Raft Rentals


Provo River Rafting





Provo River Raft Rentals


A great option when you & your friends want to raft without a river guide & do it yourselves.


We offer our standard 3-hour rental to float the "Deer Creek" section of the Provo River 1-2 times. This 3-hour rental is also the perfect time to raft the Class II & Class III white water "Bridal Veil Falls" section.


We offer hourly rates & 24-hour rentals. If you want more than the standard 3-hour rental or you plan to camp & raft for multiple days, consider our 24-hour rental packages.


Shuttle-service raft rental trips run from the base of Deer Creek Reservoir & on the Provo River to your chosen point of take-out.

Located in Provo Canyon, near Orem, Utah, the Provo River is a 45-minute drive from Salt Lake City & Park City.


Provo River Raft Rentals


Great for: Fishing, touring, photography, bird watching, wildlife viewing, sunbathing, enjoying time together, getting river rafting experience.


Before or after your river trip, enjoy many things to do in Provo Canyon including: Sundance Resort, Bridal Veil Falls, world-class fly fishing, Mount Timpanogos and the Uinta-Wasatch Cache National Forest, Timpanogos Park and Nunns Park.


Guests are responsible to cover costs of any lost or damaged gear (paddles, etc.) if you are floating on a self-guided raft rental trip.

The Provo River is a Class I-III float trip. Be mindful that rafts can be difficult to maneuver since it's a group activity.

Rafting requires synchronized paddling by everyone. Commands are made by one person for the group to follow.

If you & your group have the skills to raft without a river guide, we have your river gear raft rentals at great prices.

Rafting on your own can be a great social activity that can bond your group through teamwork. It is fun for families and friends.


Why you may want a raft rental trip:  You have experience. Rafting can be very enjoyable for everyone if there is at least 1 or 2 experienced people guiding the group.


If you choose a self-guided rafting trip, there will be no river guide immediately available for rescues. If this concerns you, consider our Guided Provo River Rafting and Guided Provo River Kayaking trips.

A group of four enjoying their raft rental on the Provo River.

A group of four during a raft rental trip on the Provo River near Provo & Park City, Utah.
••• Rafts for rent fit groups of three people up to 12 people. Rafting is a fun and economical outdoors activity for friends on a budget •••

Inflatable rafts in different sizes for rent on the Provo River. Great for fishing.

A group of three rafting in a red raft on the Provo River near Provo and Park City Utah.
••• Our rental rafts are tough and durable. Float the Provo River on hourly rentals. Run the river on your time. Do your own trip. There's nothing like it •••

Provo River raft rentals are available by the hour & by the day.

A group of three rafting in a blue raft on the Provo River near Provo and Park City Utah.
••• Raft rentals make great dates! They are fun for youth groups, school field trips and friends' activities. Ask about our evening and sunset trips. Rent rafts after school or after work for a fun time with friends and family •••

This map is not your meeting location. Follow the directions in your confirmation email.

PROVO RIVER MEETING DIRECTIONS: We meet at various locations in Provo Canyon depending on your specific trip. Please see your confirmation email for your specific meeting location in Provo Canyon.

PROVO RIVER TRIP PHONE: Call or Text Us at: (801) 404-8297


NOTE: Please be advised that we do not meet at our office location, 1145 S. 800 E., Suite 101, Orem, UT 84097. For your specific tour, we'll meet you at a designated spot along the Provo River.