Training on the Provo River, Utah & the Kern River, California

Multi-Day River Trip Training • What Makes Us Different

Experienced Instructors

We offer comprehensive classes from river rafting and kayaking experts. Our instructors have been running multi-day trips for decades all over the world. Our experts have scouted and run first descents, rarely run rivers and challenging lines. Learn multi-day river skills and safety from instructors who have run a variety of rivers in diverse, remote, exotic and wilderness environments. Train with our experts to plan and execute your multi-day trip with confidence and skill.

Customized Classes

Students receive customized materials, group learning and discussion. Our students receive time to physically demonstrate and practice skills with a dedicated trainer overseeing their work. Class sizes are small so students receive excellent attention. Class curriculum and materials are structured with specific training outcomes and they are also flexible to fit students' specific goals, knowledge and abilities.

Focused Attention

Class sizes are small and private to one group of students who are planning a trip together. This format allows for the class to be customized to fit the group's training goals. Each student has time to practice and demonstrate skills at his/her pace. Classes are comprehensive and cover topics and skills needed to know to run multi-day trips. There is time for detailed question-and-answer discussions. Students receive focused attention allowing for highly-effective trip planning, training and safety.


"It was great to disconnect for those days we were on the river. No cell service--no worries!"

~ Jon Oler, Utah

If you would like a reference about us from Jon, send us your contact information and we will connect you.


What You Get

Classroom & hands-on instruction with written training materials.

Two (2) river trips to practice oaring with stern frames & gear frames.

Personal flotation device, paddles, oars, frames, safety gear & practice gear.

Instruction on how to assemble & use gear.

Access to our live & recorded webinars, training videos & private groups.

25% off river gear rental packages if you rent with us within 12-months from your class.

Pricing & Pay

Purchase Online 24/7.

If you are training with a group, reserve & secure your group's training online by booking your class & paying for your spot. Your team can find your booked class & sign-up for that same class & pay later.

Tiered pricing available with discounts for groups of 15 or more. If you pulled a permit, invite your group to training so everyone knows what to do on your river trip.

We can beat any outfitter's Multi-day River Trip Training prices -- Just ask us!

Quick Facts

Class instructors are Lead River Guides who have been producig commercial & non-commercial multi-day whitewater & river trips for 5-10+ years.

Classes run from 5-7 hours (from check-in to finish.)

Training runs on the Provo River & the Kern River feature Class I through Class III whitewater.

Rafts fit 2-6 people (with gear) & inflatable kayaks fir 1-2 people.

Age Minimum: Ages 18 & up. If you are planning a river trip & book private multi-day river trip training for it, children planning to go on your river trip ages 12 & up may enroll in your class.



Learn the fundamentals of multi-day river trip planning & execution. Topics:

River Selection, De-Risking Your Trips, Boat Handling, Oaring, Paddling, Equipment, Rigging, De-rigging, Communication, Reading Water, Safety (wilderness & first aid), Rescue, Flipping, Trip Planning, Permits, Transportation, Shuttling & Developing Emergency Plans

Apply your boat handling, guiding & oaring on 2 river trips in easy-moving currents & fast-water.

Learn to oar efficiently without bad habits, bad form or taking unnecessary risks.

This class gives you & your group the best possible start to developing multi-day river trip planning & execution skills so you can get out on multi-day river trips without an outfitter guide.

***We customize classes to you & your group. If you want to focus on specific aspects of multi-day river running, let us know & we will plan your class with comprehensive focus on those topics.