More Than a River Trip

Young adults today seek challenges to test their physical and mental abilities. High Adventure activities entice youth to train and work to achieve physical and mental goals through outdoor experiences. A High Adventure is more than just a scenic outdoor experience or physical challenge. It is living and cooperating with others to meet and exceed exciting challenges. It is learning to overcome difficulties and striving to live in harmony with nature.


In successfully exceeding these challenges, young people gain confidence, humility, and self-reliance. Our youth become self-reliant by learning a variety of novel and more complex topics and skills. High Adventure develops critical thinking, judgment and decision-making skills. High Adventure stimulates good citizenship through teamwork and opportunities for leadership. It emphasizes spirituality by bringing young people closer to nature. It connects individuals to the land, developing a bond of respect for wild places and wild things.


Through high adventure, a person becomes committed to wild land stewardship. High Adventure inspires young people to undertake worthy challenges and to work together to meet common team objectives. It offers meaningful and lasting experiences in their lives.

~BSA Passport to High Adventure



We offer online, group and self-paced High Adventure River Training. Our webinars are lively, to-the-point, interactive, informative and productive. Instructors and students have time to give, receive and discuss topics in real-time. All High Adventure training webinars come with Pro Rafting Tours training materials.


Complete Gear Rental Packages include Gear Use Training (webinar or in-person), reading and reference materials, pre-packed coolers & dry boxes filled with meals and snacks for the entire trip and all river, camping and safety gear. See our Gear Rental page for a detailed list of items and add-ons.


Every guest in your group receives river navigation, boat maneuvering and paddling skills training from our experienced and caring instructors. Students receive time to demonstrate and practice skills with a dedicated trainer overseeing their technique. Class sizes are small so students receive excellent attention.