Whitewater rafting and kayaking are sports with certain inherent risks. We take your safety very seriously. It is important for guests to know in advance that true adventure involves actual risks. Many risks cannot be controlled by Pro Rafting Tours or Pro Rafting Tours employees.

By participating in a river trip with us, you are stating and conveying that you understand and you accept the risks described in the Acknowledgment/Release Waiver document that all participants are required to sign.

Although our professional river guides make every effort to ensure a safe trip, neither the company, its owners, nor anyone else associated, shall be held responsible for any losses, damages or injuries to person or property, due to any cause whatsoever.

For all river day trips and multi-day river vacations and retreats, Pro Rafting Tours conducts pre-trip safety talks and training sessions. We assure each guest on the trip has participated in these discussions and understands the safety instructions before he or she embarks on the water. During pre-trip meetings, we cover safety gear, including, but not limited to helmets, personal flotation devices (and their proper fit), throw ropes, verbal and non-verbal communication, commands, swimming and floating techniques, river hazards, riverside hazards, rescue and self-rescue.

All Pro Rafting Tours professional river guides are registered with the states' licensing and certification requirements where we do business. All professional river guides have current Professional Rescuer CPR and "First Responder" or greater level of first aid or swift-water rescue certifications. We maintain an above-excellent safety record because of our extensive river guide training and on-going evaluations of employees' job performance, knowledge, skills, attitudes and demeanor. We ensure quality assurance through our internal operational compliance measures, including: Operational checks, maintenance, upgrades and registration of our rafting and kayaking watercraft, vehicle shuttles, safety gear and other gear.


It is the responsibility of our guests to know and follow these rules:

• Understand the risks of river rafting and kayaking. Your personal safety is ultimately your personal responsibility.

• Read the pre-trip materials thoroughly and ask us any questions you may have.

• Attend our pre-trip webinars and meetings on time and fully participate.

• Arrive at our trip meeting locations on time so you can receive a thorough personal flotation device and helmet fitting and participate fully in the safety discussion.

• Wear a Pro Rafting Tours issued PFD at all times when in and near the water.

• Listen to, know and follow the river guides' instructions, verbal and non-verbal commands.

• Follow the rules of the river and land-owners' policies at all times (E.g.: No parking signs, no dogs, etc.)

• Wear clothing that is suitable to the weather conditions and assure you are well-hydrated.

• Minimize your impact on the environment and rivers.

• No drugs and no chemical substance consumption or impairments are permitted during the pre-trip time, during safety discussions, during shuttle rides, or during any time when floating in watercraft or swimming in rivers.

Moderate alcohol use is permitted if purchased and brought by guests for after-trip picnics and BBQs on day trips. Moderate alcohol use is permitted at camp on overnight river trips and river vacations. Specifically, alcohol consumption is permitted after your river trip is over (if it is a day trip) or when you are completely off the river for the day (during multi-day trips.) Please abide by any "no glass" restrictions public parks and lands may have. Designated drivers are advised for day trips.

• Treat all guests, passers-by, river guides, drivers and staff with respect.

• Your children are your responsibility when they are on a trip with you. During Boy Scouts Merit Badge, High Adventure and other youth training, it is common to leave youth who are 11 years and older in our care. We will assure they are supervised by "two-deep" staff. Two staff will be present at all times in the care of a minor. However, please refer to the Release and Waiver for your own and your minor childrens' safety and care for more details.