We are open until October 31, 2019!

Join us on the Provo River and Kern River for Autumn Rafting & Kayaking. Mondays through Saturdays (closed Sundays.)

Open Evenings (4pm to Sunset.)

Experience phenomenal & colorful fall leaf-viewing river rafting tours.

Join us for an Autumn Date Night guided river rafting floats from 4pm to sunset. (VERY POPULAR!!)

Come out for a SPOOKY HALLOWEEN Tour! We'll show you & your guests a "Ghostly Great" time!

The Provo River & the Kern River canyons are both gorgeous during the fall...

Enjoy peace & solitude with fewer people on the rivers.

Soak in the lovely autumn scenery of changing leaves, crystal clear water & fresh air.

View abundant wildlife such as moose, elk, otters, beavers & a variety of birds & fish during a scenic float.

What we offer:

•  River Rafting (guided or do-it-yourself.)

•  River Kayaking (guided or do-it-yourself.)

•  Tubing (for 2019, use a kayak on the Provo & Kern Rivers at the same price our competitors charge for tubing. Kayaking is safer & more fun than tubing.) Click here for more information.

•  Provo & Kern River float parties. Guided rafting & kayaking with autumn & fall party themes. Schedule your SPOOKY Halloween River Rafting Party with US!

•  Evening & sunset rafting & kayaking trips. (Great for after work, happy hour & romantic dates.)

•  Large group rafting & kayaking trips (Saturdays during September & October, 2019.)

•  Provo & Kern River all-day trips with optional camping packages. (Weekends during September & October, 2019.)

•  Youth group & adult rafting & kayaking training.


Call or text us at 801-404-8297 to get a quote & book your trip.


We will beat any competitor's price.


PaRTy with Pro Rafting Tours. Our name PRT is in the word PaRTy. We are ready to PaRTy with you!


We are stoked to create awesome memories for you & your guests on the Provo & Kern Rivers this fall!

Sunset over the Main Salmon River in Idaho during a whitewater river rafting vacation.
••• Your vacation on the Main Salmon River, Idaho includes front seat views of sunsets & sunrises over the 1-mile deep river canyon •••
Four people kayaking and river rafting in a canyon near Canyonlands National Park and Moab Utah.
••• Rent our boats & gear. Explore where you want to go. Kayak in a rare river canyon like this one near Moab, Utah •••
A river and mountain view during an outdoor adventure and whitewater river rafting trip in South America.
••• Tell us your "bucket list" trips. Join us on exploratory river trips throughout the world. Here is a scene while exploring mountains during a rafting trip in Peru •••
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"I need my river trips with Pro Rafting Tours. The river trips reset my baseline of what matters in this short wonderful life. Especially as each year gets faster, more distracting and more convoluted with technology and career demands. Having no choice but to be disconnected from calls and social media and alarms. My biological clock naturally resets. I wake up earlier and have more energy. I don't need my typical naps. It's the best life gift I can give myself. I love Pro Rafting Tours for being the ritual that rejuvenates my soul to return to my hustle with brighter eyes, deeper breaths, fuller sleep and appreciation for deep rich beauty of key everyday life."

~ Jeff Juett, Hawaii

If you would like a reference about us from Jeff, send us your contact information and we will connect you.