What Makes Our Training Different? • Kids Love Us

Caring Teachers

Our instructors and guides are informative, thorough, organized and fun. Dedicated to helping students learn, patient and caring, our instructors are effective leaders who make our river classrooms ideal places for children to learn. Students learn and apply paddling techniques, watercraft maneuvers, river navigation and more with confidence and skills. Our instructors are kind and our river classrooms are a safe way for your children to gain valuable inflatable river boating knowledge and skills.

Classes Made for Kids

Students receive customized instruction, classroom materials and group learning. Children learn best through fun and play, so we make classes and camps A BLAST! Students have time to physically demonstrate and practice skills through fun games, drills and contests with dedicated trainers overseeing their technique. Class and camp agendas are structured with specific outcomes, however classes are flexible to fit students' individual goals, knowledge and abilities.

Focused Attention

Class sizes are small so each student has time to practice and demonstrate skills at a comfortable pace. Our instructors are patient and allow students who need the time, to overcome fears or apprehensions and gain confidence. Each student is unique. Classes are arranged so students with similar skills and abilities team up, encouraging an empowering, super-fun and confidence-building experience. Each student receives focused attention allowing for highly-effective training and safety.