Training on the Provo River, Utah & the Kern River, California

What Makes Our Training Different? • We Care About Kids

Caring Teachers

Our instructors are informative, thorough, organized and fun. Dedicated to helping students learn, patient and kind, our instructors are effective leaders who make our river classrooms ideal places for children to learn. We work hard to help students feel at-ease so they learn and apply paddling techniques, watercraft maneuvers, river navigation and more with confidence and skill. Our river classrooms are a safe way for your children to gain valuable inflatable river boating knowledge and skills.

Classes Made for Kids

Students receive custom kid-approved instruction, classroom materials and group learning. Children learn best through fun and play, so we make classes and camps SUPER AWESOME! Students have time to demonstrate and practice skills through fun games, drills and contests with dedicated trainers overseeing their technique. Skill classes are structured with specific outcomes, however they are flexible to fit students' individual goals, knowledge and abilities.

Focused Attention

Class sizes are small so all students have time to practice and demonstrate skills at their pace. Our instructors are patient and allow students who need the time, to overcome fears or apprehensions and gain confidence. Classes are arranged to keep students engaged and interested by working with them in teams of two who have similar skills and abilities and by training them one-on-one. Each student receives focused attention allowing for highly-effective training and safety.

What's Included

Classroom instruction & written training materials.

Two (2) guided rafting & kayaking training trips & shuttle.

Hands-on instruction while on the river.

Personal flotation device, helmet, paddles, safety throw ropes & river map.

10% off your next Provo River or Kern River guided or self-guided trip for 2 or more.

Pricing & Pay

Purchase Online 24/7.

If you are leading a youth group, reserve & secure your group's training online by booking your class & paying for one spot. Your group can find your booked class & sign-up for that same class & pay later.

Tiered pricing available with discounts for groups of 15 or more.

We can beat any outfitter's Youth Raft & Kayak Training Class prices -- Just ask us!

Quick Facts

Instructors are fully trained with strong whitewater rafting & kayaking skills, & first aid & CPR certifications.

Classes run from 4-5 hours (from check-in to finish.)

Training runs on the Provo River are Class I & Class II. Training runs on the Kern River are Class II & Class III.

Rafts fit 4-16 people & inflatable kayaks fit 1-2 people. Hard shell kayaks available.

Ages: 12-17 years. For adult rafting & kayaking classes, see Adult Training.


Youth Provo River Training



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Your child or youth group will learn the fundamentals of rafting & kayaking:

Boat handling, Paddling, Communication (verbal & hand signals), Reading Water (scouting, hazard avoidance), Safety, Rescue, Edging, Capsizing & Recovery, Understanding Emergency Situations

Youth will practice boat handling & paddling skills on 2 river trips in easy-moving currents. As confidence builds, students move to faster water.

Instructors teach at the student's pace & customize drills & skills lessons based on the student's knowledge, skills & performance.

Students learn to paddle correctly for safe & fun river rafting & kayaking trips.

We show the techniques involved in raft guiding & following raft guide commands & how to kayak as a team.

Students learn to paddle correctly without bad form, bad habits or taking unnecessary risks.

This class gives your child or youth group the best possible start to developing skills so they can get out on rivers with confidence.

***We customize classes to your private group. If your child or youth group wants to focus on specific aspects of rafting or kayaking, let us know & we will plan their class with comprehensive focus on that topic.

***Basic/beginning swimming proficiency is required.

***Rolling is not a pre-requisite.