We have hosted 1,000s of guests on whitewater river trips and we are 100% positive that the world is better when people get to relax. Research shows that people are 93% more happy when they plan relaxing and energizing activities. Relaxing on a river is HIGH quality time spent with family and friends. OUR ESSENCE: At our core, we operate to empower, educate, connect and inspire our guests on rivers everyday. OUR PROMISE: We deliver life-enhancing river experiences to anyone who is ready for the trip of a life-time. OUR VIBE: At Pro Rafting Tours, we dream it and then we do it, together, every day, with our guests. We always have you in mind.


It's Our "Why"! In every river trip, event and vacation package that we produce, we believe in offering our guests exciting, life-enhancing experiences. We offer you exclusive opportunities to learn about new topics, gain new skills, enjoy incredible entertainment, unwind, relax, care for your wellness and your relationships and simply take pleasure in well-deserved natural peace and quiet. We believe in adventurous, top-quality whitewater river vacations where every detail is perfectly orchestrated. We believe in safety, conservation of our environment and lots of fun. The way we create truly remarkable experiences is by offering you instruction and attention from highly-skilled, fun-loving river guides, caring staff and experts in their fields. We offer premire river locations, five-star quality gourmet cuisine and our committed attention to making every moment you experience unforgettable and spectacular. We look forward to creating river experiences that you'll cherish and love. ~The Hazard Family & the Pro Rafting Tours Team


The Pro Rafting Tours team is a close family that are three generations strong and have been part of the whitewater rafting and kayaking community for 40+ years. Through countless trips spent guiding, rafting & kayaking in over 200 domestic & international rivers, our team has grown to become a dynamic, highly-skilled, knowledgeable, innovative & widely-respected whitewater river trip host. We specialize in luxury river vacations with all of the amenities, customized & personalized multi-day chartered trips, adult & youth group training, boat, river gear & trailer rentals, pre-packed meals & day-trip guiding. We offer multi-day and single-day whitewater river vacations & trips on the Main Salmon River, Idaho, the Kern River, California & the Provo River, Utah. Join us on a vacation or trip. Call us to let us know how we can get you on a river vacation adventure that you & those you invite will love, remember fondly & talk about for years to come.


It takes a large team to produce exceptional whitewater river experiences. Pro Rafting Tours has an incredible extended river guide staff at our three locations and other remarkable professionals working behind-the-scenes. Our professional river guides are our most important distinction of excellence. They receive all of the well-deserved compliments and credit. We are fortunate to be surrounded by incredibly talented, skilled and kind-hearted people. Many of our river guides have made significant, positive, life-enhancing impacts on our guests, especially children. We are overwhemlingly proud of that. You will see the difference when you enjoy a river trip or vacation with us and when you meet our Pro Rafting Tours family.

Our Year-Round Adventurers & Returning River Guides

"My experience on the river was the most peaceful, calm, yet exhilarating experience in my life. Rafting with Donny and his team is a once-in-a-lifetime experience! It allows you to detach from technology and the high-stressed world in which we live. The stars are completely amazing and eye popping!! The tranquil rush of the river allows a fast, deep sleep.

At the end of the day, a week on the river is the best vacation I've taken because of the beauty, thrill of the ride, tranquility of the moment, and friendships deepened. Donny is a fantastic river guide who is super safe. He knows and respects the river, and knows all the great cliff jumping turnouts! Pro Rafting Tours has super professional guide service!"

~ Travis Thompson, Washington

If you would like a reference about us from Travis, send us your contact information and we will connect you.