What Makes Our Training Different? • You Will See the Difference


We offer comprehensive, in-person classes from river rafting and kayaking experts. Our instructors have been running rivers for decades all over the world. They have experienced many of the unknowns, hazards, and hard events. Learn skill and safety from instructors who have been through a variety of situations on diverse rivers in remote, exotic and wilderness environments. Train with our experts to raft and kayak with confidence and skill.

Customized Classes

Students receive customized materials, group learning and discussion. Our students receive time to physically demonstrate and practice skills with a dedicated trainer overseeing their technique. Class sizes are small so students receive excellent attention. Class curriculum and materials are structured with specific training outcomes and they are also flexible to fit students' specific goals, knowledge and abilities.

Training Webinars

We offer web-based training video presentations for a variety of classroom-style seminars and lectures. Our webinars are lively, to-the-point, interactive, informative and productive. Instructors and students have time to give, receive and discuss topics in real-time. Live webinars are recorded to be re-played. All training webinars come with Pro Rafting Tours training materials and follow-up discussions on our private Facebook groups.